Chia Fresca, or Mexican lemonade, is a trendy drink in Mexico, and recently, it has been gaining more and more fans worldwide. This drink is a refreshment for your body on hot summer days. On colder days, it strengthens our immunity and protects us from colds, and it is ideal as a morning natural energy booster.

There are numerous health benefits to consuming chia seeds, and detoxification of the body and healthy weight loss are just one of them. If you’ve been wondering about the easiest way to add chia seeds to your diet, Chia Fresca is the best answer.

We bring you the simplest way to make this elixir of health, hydrate your body, and boost your energy.

  • Put a spoonful of chia seeds (15 g) in a glass or mug
  • Add water, stir, and leave for at least half an hour. The seeds need to absorb the water (it is easiest to leave it at night before bed).
  • Before consumption, squeeze and add fresh lemon or lime
  • Optionally add honey
  • Stir and refresh your body with this morning detox drink (stir each time before drinking because the chia seeds fall to the bottom of the glass).

This drink has no flaws. Every ingredient is excellent for our health.


Water is vital to maintaining our overall health. Recommendations for daily fluid requirements are 3.7 liters for men and 2.7 liters for women. Water has no taste, so it is difficult for most people to drink enough water during the day. The taste will improve if you add lemon to water, and you will unconsciously drink more water. Start hydrating your body when you get up with this healthy drink.

Chia seeds

Chia seeds are known as our allies in the process of losing weight. They are rich in dietary fiber, which allows us not to feel hungry for a long time after a meal. In addition, they regulate food digestion, normalize bowel function, and prevent constipation. This is very important for achieving and maintaining the desired body weight. That’s why these seeds have become so popular in various detox diets. Read more about chia seeds and their numerous health benefits in the following text. They are a real treasure of health and should be added to your daily diet.


Lemons and other citrus fruits are among the most significant natural sources of vitamin C. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and vital for our immune system. We all know how important it is to get enough vitamin C to recover from colds and flu quickly. Numerous diets for losing weight are based on an increased intake of lemon because it is considered to speed up the metabolism and promote the elimination of toxins from the body. In addition, vitamin C improves skin health and solves dry skin problems, thereby preventing the premature formation of wrinkles and skin aging. Anti-wrinkle creams can be good, but it’s always best to nourish the body from the inside.


Honey is a natural energy booster, so if you like honey, add it to your morning chia drink. Many people avoid using honey while losing weight because it contains sugar. But that’s where they make a big mistake. Regular intake of honey lowers blood sugar levels and prevents excessive weight gain. You can treat yourself to a teaspoon of this healthy sweet daily without feeling guilty.


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Chia seeds originate from Mexico and Guatemala. The Latin name is Salvia hispanica, belonging to the mint family (Lamiaceae). Chia has been used as food since 5,500 years ago in Mexico and was one of the most important crops in Mexico before the Spanish conquest.
The Aztecs and Mayans used it in food preparation, folk remedies, and even religious rituals. Along with corn, beans, and amaranth, it was one of the primary foods of that period. Ancient civilizations knew that consuming them provided a massive amount of energy, and it’s no wonder that Chia got its name from the Mayan word for strength.
The prohibition of Chia lasted for almost 260 years. Spanish products were introduced, and chia seeds almost disappeared. After the independence of Mexico, thanks to a few farmers who kept the tradition, chia seeds are gaining popularity again.


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We have already written about the role of chia seeds in achieving and maintaining healthy body weight. Ancient civilizations used them as a staple food and were amazed at the amount of energy they provided. Here are other health benefits that may interest you.

Chia seeds strengthen our immune system

They are a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, which create immune cells to fight infections and protect against inflammation. Strengthening immunity is crucial because it protects us from all kinds of diseases, and strong immunity helps us stay healthy or overcome conditions more easily.

Chia seeds reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease

They are very useful in preserving the health of the heart and blood vessels and in the prevention of heart attacks because they help to clean the blood vessels of bad cholesterol. Thus, they improve blood circulation and stabilize blood pressure.

Chia seeds can help support bone health

Chia seeds are rich in minerals, especially calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus, which are responsible for healthy and strong bones. Increased intake of these substances, abundant in chia seeds, can help prevent bone diseases such as osteoporosis.

Chia seeds reduce the risk for diabetes type 2

Thanks to their antioxidant compounds and high fiber content, they are thought to reduce the risk of developing diseases such as diabetes. Dietary fiber is known to help regulate glucose levels and prevent sudden changes in blood glucose levels. That’s why these seeds are an excellent food for those who struggle with blood sugar regulation.


Chia seeds in the daily diet
Photo by Alesia Kozik

There are many ways to incorporate chia seeds into your daily diet. Consuming about 20 g of these seeds daily is recommended, and the daily limit is 50 g.
If you enjoy Chia Fresca and want to try other recipes with these seeds, add them to your favorite smoothies. You will get an even better texture. Feel free to add them to cereal with yogurt or oatmeal. Use them in salad dressings for a thicker dressing. You can make healthy bread, pancakes, and muffins with chia seeds. The possibilities are endless.

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